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Sterling Hot Yoga Studio in Lexington, KY

Have the energy, vitality, & confidence to do the things you love
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Our Yoga Classes

Hot Yoga

A traditional Hot Yoga class, featuring two sets of 26 postures and two breathing exercises.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is simple practice to calm the mind and stretch the body. Beginner friendly, unheated.

Yoga Sculpt

Combines yoga with light weight training for all fitness levels at 92-95 added humidity.

Vinyasa Yoga

Linking postures together in a series of movements with the breath at 92-95 humidity.

Hot Pilates

Chal­leng­ing, full body, low impact, high inten­sity work­out. at 95 degrees and 40% humid­ity.

Sterling Hot Yoga Studio

The most effective hot yoga and hot pilates classes for you to experience exceptional transformation for every mind and every body. Jumpstart your most powerful life today! Sterling Hot Yoga Lexington has been serving Lexington since 2007. We offer fun, challenging, and invigorating Lexington yoga and fitness classes that are possible for every body, no matter your age, flexibility, or strength, offered in 45-60 minute classes! Our Classes are offered indoors, outdoors, and online – Sterling Hot Yoga On Demand. Every yoga class we offer can be your first class, all you have to do is breathe, we’ll guide you through the rest. Our Lexington yoga studio & boutique offers the latest in fitness clothing from top brands as well as Sterling Hot Yoga branded accessories such as yoga mats, towels and water bottles. Located on Pasadena Road inside New Circle off Nicholasville road.

  • Book Online – Bring a yoga mat, beach towel and water for your first class.
  • Borrow Supplies – If you need a mat, towel, water, or clothing for class, it is available to purchase or rent. Large changing rooms and showers are available – currently limited.
  • Free parking – Park in our large lot is available during our business hours. We are always open 30 minutes before and after each class.
  • Intro Special – Purchase the introductory special online for your convenience or arrive 20 minutes early for any class – currently must pre-book.

Today's Yoga Classes