What year did you first start practicing yoga?
I started practicing Anusara in about 1999 and Bikram Yoga in 2009.

Was there any particular reason you started practicing yoga?
I had a child in 2006 and kind of lost myself in that. While driving her to preschool I noticed the studio and immediately remembered how amazing I felt when I had practiced Anusara. I stopped in to see what it was about and the rest is history!

Favorite posture and why?
Hardest question ever! They are all always evolving. The only posture I have ALWAYS looked forward to is spine twisting. I enjoy the absolute wringing out I get at the end after a sweaty class.

Why do you currently practice this yoga?
Because it works!

What do you love about teaching yoga?
I love watching our students have “ah ha!” Moments!  I live for that. When someone walks into our studio looking less than confident or excited, then see the same person leave with their head held high and a smile on their face, I know I’m in the right place.

Two things most people don’t know about you?
I love to cook, especially with food from the garden. I grew up on and around farms so I am definitely a country girl at heart.

Yoga Training

Bikram’s Teacher Training Fall 2011


B.S., Business Science, Eastern Kentucky University (2000)


Lexington, KY

Favorite Pose

Spine Twisting


Whitewater kayaking, hiking/camping, live music events