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Yoga Testimonials in Lexington, KY

Hear From Sterling Hot Yoga Customers


This yoga has improved every aspect of my life. It has made me mindful of the activities and habits that are good and that I need to improve on, and those activities and habits that I need to either change or eliminate entirely. I “grew” one inch as my spine decompressed. My doctor, who is usually a taciturn man, said that I had made “phenomenal progress” between my checkup in November and the checkup that I just had in December. Blood pressure, cholesterol, every measurable yardstick of health has improved dramatically.


Yoga has not only helped my physically, but mentally as well. This yoga improves core strength, flexibility and balance, which are all required for whitewater kayaking. I’ve also noticed a significant improvement in muscle tone. Years of lifting weights tends to bulk you up and this yoga has helped slim down and stay toned. Mentally, it helps calm me down on stressful days, lets me relax more and breathe deeper while paddling a difficult, scary stretch of whitewater … and of course there is that incredible body buzz and euphoric feeling after 90 minutes in the hot room. The Yogasm, I call it.


This Yoga has done wonders for my flexibility and weight loss. I have lost just at 50 pounds and am looking to lose 15 to 20 more by February – this gives me 16 months to lose another 20 pounds. My goal is to weigh 190 pounds on my 56th birthday in 2013. This yoga is very hard to do, but most things that are hard to do – give great rewards. This has also helped me when communicating to a large group of sales people. Because of the discipline of the practice it helps me reinforce the discipline of my career and company standards. Perseverance and  discipline is the greatest benefit.


It has given me a new sense of pride in myself. When I first started, I had the hardest time looking at myself in the mirror. To go into the room and really see your body, and yourself for 90 mins, you begin to see how amazing you really are. I can smile at myself in the mirror. I am way more nurturing, understanding, and respectful to myself and my body, which has in turn allowed me to be the same to others. For the first time in my life I feel like I am really breathing. Who knew learning to breathe could make all the difference in the world?!? I’ve lost weight (over 30 pounds)! Oh, and I sleep like a pro now!


I have high blood pressure and diabetes. I tried yoga with skepticism on my part BUT I have to tell everybody my Blood Pressure has gone from hovering around 170/98 to a consistent 125/75! My doctor was astounded and actually took me off TWO different blood pressure medications I was taking. My daily fasting blood sugar has dropped from 240 to 130! The only think in my life that has changed is 30 days of Sterling Hot Yoga. I can not recommend it enough, it is a miracle to me. Although my postures are far from great, I try, and that is enough to receive my benefits. I don’t feel pushed into anything and have a desire to try more than ever before with each class I take. Thanks to all of you for your wisdom and encouragement that has made this part of the journey so much easier,


I feel like I’ve been searching for so long for an exercise that is right for me. I’ve been a runner for years and have been burnt out on running for just as long. I’m naturally a competitive person and when I first came to SHYW I compared myself to students across the room, wondering when I was ever going to be able to do standing head to knee pose as well as they do. As new students came to each class and were so welcomed by everyone in the room, I began to let go of my insecurities and competitiveness and just do the poses for myself. The confidence I’ve found during classes has translated into other parts of my day and I’m often quoting “It’s never too late, it’s never too bad…” while encouraging everyone I meet to come to a class with me.