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What year did you first start practicing yoga?

Was there any particular reason you started practicing yoga?
I took a college course through the dance department called “Intro to yoga”, where I learned the basics of Vinyasa practice. Ever since, I’ve been hooked.

Favorite posture and why?
Chapasana (Half Moon with foot in hand) because it requires balance while also being in a deep hamstring stretch.

Why do you currently practice this yoga?
I practice yoga to keep myself grounded, and to remember to live presently. Yoga serves me as a moving meditation. Also, nothings feels better than a good sweat.

What do you love about teaching yoga?
It inspires me to be in a room full of yogis moving in unison in celebration of the body and mind. I love to guide people through their practice , and allow them to relieve stress, tension, and negative feelings. My goal is always for people to feel better walking out of a class than they did coming in.

Two things most people don’t know about you?
I speak Spanish, I studied abroad in Shanghai, China while in college.

Yoga Training

Highland Yoga Teacher Training; Atlanta, GA Spring 2018


B.S., Public Health and Spanish, Tulane University (2015)

MPH, Emory University Rollins School of Public Health (2017)


Andover, MA

Favorite Pose