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JessicaSHYW Front Desk, Sales

What year did you first start practicing yoga?

Was there any particular reason you started practicing yoga?
My Sonography curriculum included clinicals and performing vascular ultrasounds on patients at various hospitals in Kentucky. After a long days in rotations my back would hurt so bad because of all of the awkward positions we hold. I attended school with a SHYW teacher and she talked me into coming. She said it would help my back and whole body feel better and she was right! I am still continue with my yoga practice. Now that I’m performing vascular exams everyday in my Sonography career at UK hospital I need the yoga more then ever. I no longer have back pain and feel amazing. Doing hot yoga has helped me so much and has impacted my life in such a positive way.

Favorite posture and why?
Half tortoise. My back and shoulder blades are able to stretch to the max during this pose and it feels amazing.

Why do you currently practice this yoga?
To strengthen my body and clear my mind.

Favorite Pose

Half tortoise


Lexington, KY


A.S., Vascular Sonography B.S., Health Sciences, St. Catharine College (2014)


Hot Yoga